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Originally Posted by chrisdoha View Post
But for LDW, do you not need sensors to detect the lane... when i ordered my car i dint select any of the packages like security or comfort.. so im talkin of those hardware requirement for ldw
What you need is the camera mounted under the rear view mirror for LDW. That is the only sensor used by LDW.

If you have 'Speed Limit Info' or 'Active Cruise Control' then you should already have the camera. If so, the LDW can be retrofitted just by the steering wheel motor and coding. The basic requirement is the camera sensor.

My car has the Speed Limit Info, but I did not choose LDW - hence this project of getting LDW working.

In reality, LDW is working on my car with just coding it (even without the steering motor) - the car detects the lanes and everything ; the issue is there is no driver feedback - that happens through the steering vibrating motor.