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F10's and ACS springs experience

Like most members on here , I am a research hound before I pull the trigger on something. I just put an order in for ACS springs to go on my 2012 550i. I wanted to get an idea though on the amount of people who have had issues installing these springs opposed to those who don't. There have been a few threads discussing popping and tapping noises and I am curious if this is a widespread issue or just a few unlucky members. Is there any difference between a 2011 and 2012 550 that I should be aware of in terms of spring installation? I don't want to feel like a moron for having read all these issues on the springs and then hear a steel drum band playing under the hood when I drive away. The 4x4 look drives me insane but I want to do it right. ACS gets amazing reviews but the sound issues some have had make me weary. All feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

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