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Originally Posted by jbeemer13 View Post
A few quick questions for you.... did you need to do an alignment after lowering it? Do you think there is tow or camber where it its going to mess up the wear on the tires? Also my car is new and still under warranty as I am sure yours is too. Do you think the dealerships are going to give me any issues when I bring it in for service?
I didnt do an alignment on mine. There is nothing to say that you cant or shouldnt, but with my experience of the relatively moderate lowering that the springs provide, there really isnt much of an issue - that and with the installer knowing what they are doing they typically are installing it with little to no changes to the suspension components greatly affecting camber or toe.

However, if you want to go by the book... yes, the ride height has changed and components have been touched, so getting an alignment to correct as much camber or toe is viable.

Basically its a personal preference. All of my cars are lowered and depending on the extent of lowering, I either do an alignment right away or eventually get around to it.

Dealers typically dont give me any issue, but I am going in for regular service. If I were to have a complaint about something in the suspension or tires, then I would be sure they would give me hassles or hint that they may deny my claim. Though the Magnuson-Moss Act would be in your favor, it doesnt mean that its fool proof in the attitude of the warranty provider. In the end, you should be fine, but you have to be smart about it too.

Hope that helps!
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