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Originally Posted by wdimagineer View Post
Why? Do you really need to ask this question? Because it's not the M5! It's a 528/530 disguised as the M5. Those who see it will be deceived into thinking it's the real thing when it's not.

It's not about the money - it's about it being fake. He should've bought the M Sport Package. That is an accessory designed for the F10 non-M5. What he did was diminish the value of the M brand by putting lipstick on a pig.

And yes, I know that BMW cars are expensive around the world. I used to live in Europe. But I earned enough money to drive whatever I wanted in both the UK and Germany, and didn't need to resort to making my car something it wasn't.
Just another angry M5 owner. He thought he actually paid for something, other than a failed oil pump, fake sound and a vibrating steering wheel.
Sorry, I couldn't resist.
The M5 is the pig And it needs a lot of lipstick. There is not much brand value left. It's not like you paid a lot, why do you think you deserve a 458 or something?