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Originally Posted by wdimagineer View Post
Thanks for this. It's sad how language degrades when someone is hiding behind a computer screen. I certainly wouldn't tell someone to hang themselves during a face-to-face conversation. I don't expect this level of immaturity from BMW drivers.

I'm not familiar with taxation in other countries. Why is it so high? Seems ridiculous to me. People in the US complain that cars are already expensive. Unfortunately for us that also means a lot of brands strip their cars of features that are available in Europe to lower costs. (Or they're afraid of litigation.) We also have silly regulations, like different headlight beam patterns and amber reflectors that spoil the look of most modern cars.

I appreciate someone aspiring to have something they cannot attain for whatever reason, like outrageous taxes. But for those that do have something it diminishes/cheapens the privilege. I liken it to watches. I've saved and purchased some nice watches over the years. When I see someone buying a fake Rolex or other brand I get upset. They get the "cachet" of wearing it without actually having supported the brand. It's unfair. I spent thousands, you spent a hundred. Why should you get the same "respect" that I do?

It's the same with cars. I've seen pictures online of people converting Civics to Bugattis, Saturns to Ferraris, etc. It's a cheap way to get the look of something without actually paying for it.

Sadly though nobody will bother reading this and will continue flaming me for having an opinion.
wdimagineer, if you get flamed then perhaps it's because you might be seen as flaming another F10 owner. Cool your jets in those instances (that's a pun at my expense) because what another bloke does to his ride is highly unlikely to have an immediate and direct impact on you personally, is it?

That said, the balanced perspective that you have just portrayed here has earned you some of my respect. I guess the difference between this post and others (that I can recall reading) is that on this occassion you have brought a spirited discussion to the table yet communicated solid opinions with a high degree of courtesy to ALL readers of this forum (and haven't torched another person in the process).

BMW's are well-engineered and constructed. Quality comes at a price. I'm sure everyone knows that you get what you pay for.
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