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Originally Posted by Jet in Oz View Post
The balanced perspective that you have just portrayed here has earned you some of my respect. I guess the difference between this post and others (that I can recall reading) is that in this instance you have brought a spirited discussion to the table yet communicated solid opinions with a high degree of courtesy to ALL readers of this forum.

BMW's are well-engineered and constructed. Quality comes at a price. I'm sure everyone knows that You get what you pay for.
That's exactly the point, but you believe you are actually getting something with a real M5 but what you are actually getting is BMW-modded 5 series on a shoestring budget. This is actually worst than a regular 5 because there is not the commensurated testing - resulting in unanticipated problems.
You as a consumer want to believe you are getting something, but how much are getting when you pay for a branded item, the M has turned out to be exactly this, short term-ism sacrificing the brand while consumers like you realise only after something bad has happened.

So stop believing 'you get what you pay for' applies in 100% of circumstances, it may be a good rule of thumb, but with the M5.. sorry.

Props for the M5 look without the M5 problems.