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Originally Posted by kirkster View Post
residual value may suffer because of the manual IMO mate. You sure? Most folks want auto on such a large car. I have owned both and the auto is much nicer.
Just my opinion - each to their own...
Indeed you may be right about residuals. But I long ago gave up speccing cars based on what the next owner might like. As we all know, ordering a car new is financial madness anyway, so I've probably just been a bit stupider than I could have been. But at least I get the spec I want for the time I have the car.

BTW a viable solution to the residuals problem is to exploit the fact that BMW's finance system does not appear to discriminate between sellable and less-sellable specs when calculating the final residual value. If you're OK with 5.9% APR it's possible to get a guaranteed value for 3 or 4 years hence so at least you have a known worst case.

Cheers, Richard.