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Originally Posted by Alan l. View Post
It depends. Although OC is permanent and more durable than the factory clear coat it is still susceptible to swirls and contamination. Over time swirl marks will still show up and people will need to redo the paint the correction and have OC applied again since it will be removed during the correction process.

My car has been coated for almost a month now and this stuff is well worth the $59 i paid for it 1000x. The car stays cleaner much longer plus even when it is dirty it still has a lot of shine to it. My wheels also stays cleaner like i've never experienced before. In the past my wheels would be coated with brake dust just driving around for a half hour but now they are noticeably cleaner for days.

I had my wheels done, too, and hoping this will lessen the standard BMW brake dust problem that I remember well from my E39 (but not my 2002, incidentally). Although others have reported having windows including the windshield done, I didn't see the point and John also indicated he does not do this.

I should also add that there was no way I trusted myself to apply this stuff. Even after expert application (albeit in my less than ideally lit garage) there were 5-10 small spots that needed to be polished after the OC flashed somewhat unevenly.
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