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You are going to get a million different answers on this but here is what I have learned after owning many dark cars:
1. Clear coat swirls will happen no matter what you do but you can minimize them
2. Use two buckets and different wash mitts to wash; one for wheels only and one for the car itself
3. Wash one panel, spary the mitt clean before you put it back in the bucket to remove dirt from the mitt and keep the water clean
4. I use Zaino soap but they are all good really, Meguiars, etc
5. When done, remove the hose spray and just run the water all over the car. You will be amazed at the amount of water that "sheets" off the car; lessens your drying time
6. I use Meguiars waffle towels for drying; they seem to work well. Don't use a circular motion, just up and down strokes (no comments from the peanut gallery on that)
7. For wax or polish, I hate to comment, there are so many. I used Zaino polish, its great but streaked too much for me. I now use PInnacle wax, works great, no streaking, doesnt last as long as Zaino, personal choice on that one.

Always, always use clean towels when you wipe the car. If you drop it, dont use it until it is washed again.

Lastly, again, swirls will happen regardless.