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Check the forum for ideas....
Here is what I do with success

Prep using a foam gun to soak and remove surface debris
Use a quality car soap that will not strip wax/sealant
Use 2 buckets, helps to have grit guards (autogeek)- 1 for soap 1 for wringing dirt off wash pad
Use non abrasive wash pad and wring often to ensure no dirt is trapped
Wash top of car first working down and saving the bottom for last.... Most dirt is on the lower portion
Always use left to right hand motions on the sides of the 5 and front to back on hood/trunk, ths way if you do get any fine scratches horizontal scratches are less vsible than circular swirls
Use the sheating process with your hose (no attachment) to remove most of the water
Follow up with a non abrasive drying pad... I use the cobra pads from autogeek
If your super anal, you can also use a leaf blower to eliminate contact with the paint
If your paint is perfect still.. No correction needed.. Use a good sealer. Everyone has their preference, I use zaino so I can layer and get depth on my dark graphite

If u need correction, Meg's 205 is god for minor cut, 105 for more bite... Only use if u are experienced!

Hope these suggestions help. Surf the forums for more ideas or product suggestions, sorry for typos/using an ipad