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Originally Posted by A900ss View Post
Can't comment on Key fob but it is usual for rears to wear much quicker than the fronts. I think it is to do with the traction control breaking the rear wheels and also the brake bias is more to the rear in normal breaking for increased comfort. In emergency breaking it sends more power to the front as they stop the car quicker.
I don't think that's accurate -- the front brakes always do more of the stopping than the rears. The physics are inescapable. Even if you have only 50% of the mass on the front wheels, with the weight transfer forward during braking, you will have more than half of the vehicle's weight on the front tires. That's why the front brakes are larger in diameter with a larger swept area.

My F10 was recently in for service and the car was calling for rear brake replacement soon. The service guy told me there is a problem with the condition-based service calculation on the rear brake pads on the F10s (not sure if it's just 550i or all models) and they reset mine to 10,000 miles.
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