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Originally Posted by gspannu View Post
Yes, I have managed to get LDW enabled and working. I get the HUD symbol as well as display panel icons.

The system also detects when the car drifts over a lane.... but since my car does not have the steering wheel motor, it does not vibrate.

I have found the part for the steering wheel motor and it is about 90. I am now finding a local garage/ mechanic who would fit this.

The coding part is all done; all it now needs is the physical motor fitting and it should all work.

So fairly close to completing ...
I have the front camera by virtue of the high beam assist. Is it possible to retrofit the LDW and Speed Limit info. I also have HUD and the Lane Change Assist fitted with the vibrating steering wheel.

As an aside, the LCA works well when the car is approaching in your blind spot on the drivers side, but is a pain when you overtake someone as you need to have a very large gap before you can pull in or risk loosing the feeling in your fingertips.