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Originally Posted by middly View Post
thanks was a pretty easy mod since there is plenty of wiggle room to move the cans around. All you have to do is move the factory hangers on the M5 mufflers and mod the size of the tailpipes to fit the new tips. The outer tailpipes (the ones with the valves) are bigger OD than the inner so you have to adapt your tips to two different size tailpipes. You can see that on the picture above....

The biggest issue with the stock 550 mufflers is that they are much bigger and there is no wiggle room which makes it impossible to move the cans toward the front of the car to give you room to put different tips on. With the M5 mufflers, moving the cans forward to fit the tips without cutting the valves off is pretty easy.
Sorry for the late reply dont really come on here. Yea i can defintely see the difference in diameter from the inner and outer tailpipes. How did you secure the tips onto to the existing piping past the valves? Welded? The one thing im worried about when swapping the m5 mufflers is the lose of back pressure. Did you experience any loss in low end thrust? Also did you do just the mufflers or was there a bit of excess piping that was left on mufflers towards the Xpipe? Thanks for the reply.
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