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Originally Posted by obr2d2 View Post
GSPANNU I am just outside Andover and have ordered an ENET cable and have ESYS and PszData 47.5 - would you like a beer(s) to show me how to code the TV, Radio and Telephone in HUD, SLI, etc

I have just bought my wife an F10 which arrives October 24th and in a couple of weeks I would love to be able to mod it a little.

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1. Active Cruise Control requires more hardware than just the 'camera unit in the rear view mirror'. Active Cruise also requires sensors in the front (mounted inside the front grill) - so coding alone will not solve this.

2. I live in Basingstoke and work in Winchester. You are more than welcome to come to B'stoke on weekends or evenings and to W'chester on weekdays. I am quite happy to guide you through the basic steps and help you through the learning curve.
I am out of the country until 10th Nov... but you are more than welcome to come in any day after that.