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I finally got around to wiring up the electrics over the weekend. I am using the Westfalia dedicated wiring pack as this interacts with the car to turn off the PDC sensors and the car mounted foglight etc.
It was a bit of a struggle as you have to run cables from the boot/trunk compartment to the drivers footwell. This involves the removal of various bits of trim which, unless you know how to remove them, can cause some head scratching.
You have to run 4 wires to the drivers floor well, 2 are for the CAN bus, 1 is for the switched ignition supply and the last is for the high level brake light feed. NOTE: you should not pick up the brake lights from the boot/trunk area of the car as this can cause some strange faults due to the way the car electronics work.

As my car is a UK spec it is right hand drive. The Westfalia manual is written for left hand drrive vehicles. This is not a problem as you just run the cabling to the drivers position for either spec. The problem comes when connecting the brake light and switched live feed. This is because the manual shows a unit with cables at the top and at the bottom with the brake light connection to the black/yellow on the bottom connector and the switched live to the green/white of the top connector. This is wrong for right hand drive because the box has been turned upside down to fix to the car the other way around. So the switched live feed goes to green/white on the BOTTOM connector and the brake light feed goes to the black/yellow of the TOP connector.

Just to make things worse there are TWO BLACK/YELLOW wires in the top connector. If you connect to the wrong one you will find that your running lights also turn on the brake lights. You will need to test which black/yellow ONLY becomes live with the brakes on. One of them becomes live with the side lights turned on or the brake lights on.

Its all good fun but I got there in the end!