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Originally Posted by HighlandPete View Post
I'm running at around 100 - 110C once warmed up. Having driven some longer distances since getting my car, never seen the oil temperature go higher, even after a hundred miles or so running motorway speeds, at around 15C ambient temperature.

Does take a while to get to around 95C, the mid marker between 70 and 120C on the gauge, when at cooler ambient temperatures.

Mines been steady at just over the 95 mark, i.e., about 100, but, with such low mileage, I haven't been pushing it. However, this afternoon I hit the 2.4k mark so I decided to open it up a bit and after a little while it rose and stabilised halfway between 95 and 120 - around 105, or to be pedantic 107.5, but I don't think my eyesight's that good.
I'd forgotten just how good that 6 cyl petrol engine sounds!!!