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akra tips

Originally Posted by EBRSKIH View Post
Sorry for the late reply dont really come on here. Yea i can defintely see the difference in diameter from the inner and outer tailpipes. How did you secure the tips onto to the existing piping past the valves? Welded? The one thing im worried about when swapping the m5 mufflers is the lose of back pressure. Did you experience any loss in low end thrust? Also did you do just the mufflers or was there a bit of excess piping that was left on mufflers towards the Xpipe? Thanks for the reply.
we welded extensions on to the existing tailpipes and used the clamps provided by Akra to clamp the tips to the extensions. No loss of back pressure at all or low end thrust. We used mufflers with about 3 feet of the stock pipes and attached them to my 3" upgraded pipes/xpipe coming from the engine right at the axle.