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you are absolutely correct. I specced up the first 520d with much similar equipment and now that is my car as of Wednesday. I am very happy with that as I get to drive a great specification and my beautiful wife gets the new one (and runs it in for me!).

I am struggling to understand all the options and interactions between them. I intend to do a little coding to enable a few features that seem to have disappeared (indicators in HUD are one example) and add some new ones (Radio/Telephone in HUD, Speed Limit Indicator, Lane Departure Warning, DVDTV/Internet on the move).

I also want to find some way of slowing down the speed at which the car reads out emails and texts in Office as it can be too quick to comfortably follow.

I have loaded the options because we enjoy them and I want my wife to enjoy the car each and every time she gets in it. It feels really special and the current adjectives my better half uses are Serene, Magnificent, breathtakingly beautiful, and pleasantly Huge.

I absolutely would recommend Oyster/Oyster to everyone as the interior is stunning and the light coloured dash works a treat. I will post a couple of images in a couple of days.

I have added 4 yrs Vehicle replacement GAP from ALA for 275 as I feel that i need to protect the options in the event of a disaster.

The first post in the thread was an attempt to see if others felt the same rush of blood as we do or whether they let their heads rule more in the decision process. Our balance is more towards heart than head but I have assessed costs, values, and appeal as far as I can whilst remembering what we are buying the car for in the first place.

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