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Originally Posted by readthis13 View Post
I just bought a 2013 550 xDrive, and had the dealer put on Dinan s3 (w/ Dinan exhaust) and Dinan springs. I have yet to drive it as it's being shipped today to where I am moving next week, but i had my buddy drive it who is a BMW mechanic there. He said that it's not M5 fast, but it's not far off. He also said that it should be faster once the ECU learns the new flash.

Then the SA emailed the GSM of the dealer I bought the car through and said "Car is FASSSTTT!!! And looks good now that it is lowered a little.".

Should be fun to drive once it's broke in of course.

Here's the video of my buddy (the mechanic) taking a quick vid.
Sounds exciting!!

Let us know when you have time to drive her!! I'm waiting for my Meisterschaft Exhaust system to arrive next week and I'm not sure yet if I should upgrade to stage 3 after the exhaust is installed? Did you upgrade from stage 2 to 3 or was it a one shot upgrade?