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Audi's are not my speciality but a colleague just picked up a brand new S5 2 weeks ago and he was kind enough to take me through his new pride and joy.

On the outside it looked a pretty nice shape but it was the same red as in earlier pictures in the thread. The colour for me was a little too ostentatious but each to their own.

Inside to be honest I felt a little cramped, it didn't strike me as a large space. It felt quite plush but a couple of things I didn't like were the sheer size of massive auto gea stick and the small and uninspiring new computer interface (whose icons were all small and fiddly).

I liked some of odd little details such as the ability to insert 2 SD cards of music into the dash to play music.

Overall the car was very nice but I, personally, look for a luxury feeling and I get that from materials, space, colour, and technology. I didn't get that feeling in the S5. As for performance I have dedicated sports cars for when that becomes important to me and in the meantime I look for good handling and responsive handling. I have no doubt that his S5 could provide these in spades.

He had 20inch wheels which looked good but he said his ride was very hard, too hard for his wife.

I am just giving my observations (many may say I know nothing) nothing scientific in any way.

Nice car but in my opinion not one that would make me lustful or feel special each time I got in,

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