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Originally Posted by IE92 View Post

I can only comment on offsets for a RWD car. In my opinion the perfect offset for 10.5 inch rear wheels is 42. I have seen a car with a 44 offset and it is not quite flush. I have also seen a 40 and it was perfectly flush to the fender which will cause rubbing if you're slammed with people in the back seat. So for me 42 is perfect. Very aggressive, but not rubbing.

For a 10 inch rear wheel that would equate to a 36 offset. So you need to get something close to 36. 34 would be the absolute most aggressive you could run.

27 is an absolute no go. Please feel free to PM me if you have any more questions.
0.5 inch = ~12mm (actually 12.7mm)

So wouldn't a 10.5" wheel with a 42mm offset, equal a 10" wheel with a 30mm offset (42 - 12)?? What am I missing here, because it seems that the offset that gives the flush stance for a 10" wheel is 35mm.