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New to the F-10 club. Suspension & Wheel question.

Last week I got rid of my 2005 545i and picked up a 2012 Jet Black 550i with the MTech package.

Coming from the e60, my first thought was that this thing drives and sits like a 4x4. My previous car had the dynamic drive and active roll stabilization, this one does not but it has the DDS and sport suspension. Now that I added the dinan stage II software, I feel like it has a ton of understeer. I donít feel like Iím in touch with the road the same way that I was with my last car. Iím sure part of it is just me needing to get used to it but this thing needs some tweeks. The run flats need to go, I think Iíve decided on the 20Ē Vossen CV3 wheels but Iím still up in the air on suspension. I talked with my dealer and they quoted me 1600 for the dinan springs installed. It sounds like Iíll get the performance I want out of them but Iím concerned that the ride height will still be too high. The dealer said that it will drop the car ĹĒ and then over the next couple weeks, it should settle another ĹĒ for a total drop of 1Ē.

What have other people experienced with the dinan springs? The last thing I want to do is spend all this money and not like the look. On the other hand, I donít really want to put any part that could affect my warranty, so it seems like my option is dinan or just leave it as is.

Also, on the Vossen wheels. would 295's on the rear give me any rubbing issues with the 10.5" wide wheels?