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Originally Posted by HighlandPete View Post
I'm sure normal rubber will give better road feel, as RFTs can dull the steering responses.

I must say, I'm pretty impressed with how my F11 is steering and riding. I'm on 18" Continental Sport Contact 3 SSR tyres. I don't think I'll be changing to non run-flats as I did in the E91. But do feel there would be at least a slight improvement to steering responses, and a little more ride refinement with normal rubber. Simply due to the fact normal rubber hasn't got the negative characteristics of the run-flat. But at least in my setup, I think BMW have done a pretty good job of either masking, or refining RFT behaviour. I don't think changing rubber will give the drastic changes that I found on the E91, we have moved on quite a lot, IMO.

Having changed out my Conti rft to Michelin PSS, I fully agree that the difference is Not drastic! I was expecting a massive improvement on my F11 535i but was underwhelmed. Pss is indeed more comfy and handles a little better without crashing thru highway joints, but still as noisy/quiet as the Contis. No ideas about ultimate grip as I never ventured near the limits on either tyre. The reason for changing was I got a flat that could not be repaired and there were no replacement rfts available. Therefore, relying on the reports of massive improvements on non rfts, I chose to change all 4. In hindsight , I should have just changed 2 until the rest of the rfts wear out then change the other 2 to non rft. The PSS is cheaper, more comfy and more refined than the Contis but not that much better as to warrant a change before the Contis wear out.