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My custom reverse M5 grille

I love the look of the all black F10 Performance Grille; however, the wifey did not like the all black look. I think the M5 grille looks good on dark cars; however, I don't think it has enough contrast on lighter color cars (with it's chrome ring/trim).

I bought a pair of the all black BMW Performance Grilles. I disassembled the ring and grille and matched it with the black/chrome grille on my 535i. I like that the trim is black, and I still have subtle chrome with the black slat/chrome 535i gills.

I love the result!

BMW Performance grille on top, OEM 535i grille on bottom

Disassembled and configured my new grille (on top). The left over is a beautiful M5 grille !

My new custom reverse M5 grille on the left, and the original on right.

All done!

Link for more pics:

The icing on the cake is that I have a gorgeous perfect set of BMW M5 grilles that I can try, or sell. I love that these grille sets are BMW made