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Originally Posted by VWtoBMW View Post
THe other day I had tried installing my M Performance grills by taking off the screws and clips on the bumper per the DIY process. It was a PITA and I could not get the grills off! I gave up and figured I would try it another time.

Based on feedback I read on here, I took the route of trying to pull them off without doing any removal of screws and clips. I just got back home from a meeting and the engine was hot after having sat in stop and go traffic so I gave it a try. Done! They popped off! The bottom was a bit of a challenge but some force and wiggling, it let loose. Far easier way to do it.
Good job. I tried that cowboy pull a few times with the car hot, but to no avail. I finally did the screw removal route. I like how this DIY makes a quick note of pulling out the grille (after removing the screws). That's the hardest part! I almost gave up myself. As many said, that bumper is strong. I got my knuckles cut and arms scraped to the meat. It was a PITA, but worth it. Thanks again for this DIY.

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