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Media Adapter - Play Video from iPhone (Currently Playing / YouTube)

Using the media adapter we can play saved videos from the iPhone by selecting a video playlist. Is there a way to force the video screen to show for "Currently Playing"?

When I watch a video on YouTube and the device is snapped in, my phone displays "Connected to TV" and I can hear the audio through the car. However the video screen doesn't show up so I can't watch the video.

I discovered last night that the video is in fact playing in the background but it's just not seen. You can test this by playing a youtube video, then selecting a saved video from a playlist. The car will switch over to the video screen immediately and for 1-2 seconds you can see the youtube video playing on your car screen before the saved video loads and starts playing. This tells me hardware wise video is working just fine. Is there a way to force the video screen to show for "Currently Playing" so it works for youtube or other streaming videos? There doesn't seem to be a way to get the car to show this screen unless a saved video is selected.

- Jayson