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S. FL: 2013 535i Price

I wanted a fully loaded 2013 535i.

This is what I wanted:
Metallic paint
Driver Assistance Pkg
Cold Weather Pkg
Premium hi-fi

According to, my MSRP is $65,470, with an invoice of $60,370. I figured $1000 over invoice for $61,370. The 535i has $2000 holiday cash, so that brings it down to $59,370. I also know MF .00125 and 55% residual for 39 month lease. Despite my better judgment, I am applying $3500 towards cap cost reduction for a total out of pocket of $5000. I see my monthly payments being $661 including 6% tax.

This was what their "amazing" deal was:
Jet Black (no metallic paint)
Sport Auto Trans
Park Distance

MSRP $62,400+ and this is where it started getting screwy...
Invoice for the dealer was 59400 (which I don't believe)
Bank Fee 925 (which should be 725)
Miscellaneous fees which I don't remember...

Regardless, he came up with some crazy monthly payment, which doesn't make any sense at first: $770+6% tax.
Payment went down after I pointed out the correct MF rate which was considerably higher (.00150), but still came out to $700 including tax.

To me that means getting less options for more money!!!

So here it comes... does anyone know a good dealer in the S. FL area that's not going to try this BS? Also, are my calculations correct for what I want? I don't need the car right away, so it can be ordered... Am I applying the numbers correctly and/or holiday cash promotion correctly?

Thank you everyone. Hope to get this deal squared away soon!

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