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Originally Posted by Cpluse2 View Post
Since I'm new to all this. Im going to ask so i dont assume.

Since the Remus is axle back, what the + or -.

I'm assuming im going ot lose power. Also the OE flash is that the Dinan flash?

I not really a racer, i more in to the low growl. Not to loud like speed race but with a little bit of mussle.

I been reading about flashes but with that extra speed i really need to make sure my break are right...

Also any audio clip?
With thee e60 535, the exhaust on that car is a little restricted since its mostly a smaller single pipe most of the exhaust, so going with the magnaflow catback exhaust give your car as close to a true dual as you can get. With a nice deep tone, unfortunately I do not have any clips but there may be a couple on youtube floating around. The remus exhaust I think is just an axleback which is basically just like replacing your mufflers, so its not doing too much but chaning some tone.
As far as the OE flash, it is not Dinan, Dinan is on th conservtive side. OE is a different tuning company. But there are many options for you with the N54, you can go Burger(JB4), Vishnu, Cobb just to name a few others. They will let your car release its raw potential.
With the N54 engine you have so much more you can do like downpipes, a FMIC replacement and meth. To be honest, the BMW brakes worked just fine for me, and I was pushing around close to 400hp in my E60 535.