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Ok I'm back..

I found a couple of youtube videos (magnaflow catback exhaust). Yes this is what I'm looking for , low rumble but great sound at take off. But i am not able to find the 2010 e60 353i model on there website. Look like they have to dual exhaust, i have the two single sided one. Do they not sell these any more or do I have to order from another 3rd party do you recommend any?

Wow I'm lovin the OE tuning but it looks like i have to be in Cali to get it tune the correct way. The other good choose or only reliable chose is the N54(JB4). Just not sure how it will effect my warranty also, wanting to add these

Again researching warranty issues.

Correct me if im wrong but with adding the down pipe with the magnaflow it will the car better tuned and more complete. Remember still will not race this on track but still want the power when needed. Im not sure what the FMIC is really for tried to read a little but not 100% wrapping my head about the true gain. Meth is way past my limit.

Good to hear about the break. Do you every change you suspension or cross bar for better control?

Thank again for all your help and being detail for this rookie. YOu didn't have to take the time, but grateful you are. cya.