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Originally Posted by paulmc View Post
Lot of work that. Sound like a proper job.

I did it the lazy way. Tied in a relay in the boot. No issues with CAN all worked fine. As for the rear sensors I just turn them off, they only come when in reverse anyway.
I also fitted a hitch ( not to GT, yet, but will be doing it early 2013) and used a simple relay based box on a VW can-bus LED lighting system and it worked fine, it's a small box in the boot (4cm x 6cm,1.5cm) and as a bonus it generates a beep, just audible in cabin, when indicators activated. Also, it allows a "latched" activation of trailer fog lamp by an on/off sequence of car fog lamp, just avoiding glare from car fog lamps.

No errors on Can BUS, worked 10% and just turn off the parking beeps. Cost: 25

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