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Originally Posted by Andrey View Post
hello everyone!
i am starting this thread to find an answer and maybe help others who might be interested.
I have a 2011 550i, which is awesome in every way, however, i have recently replaced tires on my car. I went from Bridgestone run flats to nice and smooth Michelin Pilot Sport AS, and as you already know my wheel are staggered, 245/40/19 on the front and 275/35/19 in the rear.
They ride beautifully, much softer yet still sporty. However, in my recent road trip that put 7000 miles in 10 days, i ran into a pot hole which popped the side of one of the tires, but didn't blow up (luckily). Since it was a non run flat tire, there is a chance it could blow up at high speeds. It was friday night at the Yellowstone national park ( watch out for pot holes). I called BMW and they said they could tow my car for me and have it fixed but not until monday, not something you want to deal with on a road trip.

Just like any other 550i, i didnt have a spare wheel or fix kit of any kind.
So i had to order a tire from Costco (where i bought Michelins originally) and drive to Las Vegas on pretty much 3 wheels to have it replace for free, which is nice, but inconvinient.

So this brings me to my main question: where and which kind of spare can i find?
I would like it to be same diameter as original wheels spare, not quick fix kit.
i don't mind keeping it in the trunk since i don't use it a lot. So even if it will be a full size spare, i don't mind.

Does any one else have this problem or is it just me?
Where do you guys get your spare? + tools:
will space savers from other models even brands fit? has a (homemade) donut for $300.00, also a jack kit for $150.00, I got the same jack kit from my dealer, he matched the price. I havent gotten the spare yet because I just bought some new wheels and tires so I am going to put a full size front tire in the back, I was told it would also fit the rear for a spare, BMW also has a nice gray tire tote, and gray felt wheel flats to make your trunk look neater, if you get the spare from them, let me know if it works, I may buy one also if I get tired of a full size tire in the trunk. I also just bought a really nice air compressor from sears, its a craftsman that hooks up to your cigarette lighter outlet, its pretty nice, very small, but strong, well made comes with a light also, and a carrying case,it was around $54.00