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Originally Posted by Apex99
Hi Everyone,

Can't believe how knowledgeable members are on this forum. Hoping you can help a blind man see...

I have the OEM M Sport 19" wheels and tires on my '13 535i xDrive. I believe the specs are as follows:

Front Wheels - 8.5JX19 ET:33 // Rear Wheels - 9JX19 ET:44

1. Can you confirm the specs for the OEM M Sport wheels on the 535i xDrive are correct above?

2. I'm eyeing the 19" AVANT GARDE M359's. I thought I saw that there's possible slippage in acceleration if the aftermarket wheels aren't the correct size in reference to the OEMs. Can you let me know what the wheel sizes and offsets need to be for purchasing the M359's?

3. Spacers. I'm looking to push out the wheels on the front and back. What's the maximum spacer size I can use on fronts and rears (will be putting on HR springs to lower by about 1.5 inches soon) before it affects handling, AWD, etc?

4. 20s?? I read a decent amount on ride quality/feel of going to 20's, but I'd like to ask directly from anyone who's done it here and can chime in...with DDC, will 20's "feel" harsher and cause rims to crack more than 19's will??

A thousand thanks in advance!!
Also curious!