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It was Braman. South Motors had a better deal, but they were screwing me royally on my trade-in. Ft. Lauderdale was similar with South Motors. On the low end, on the 535 they were willing to do 750-1000 over invoice but I would lose 2500 on the trade in.

Braman finally compromised at 1000 over but they offered what I was looking for on the trade-in.

As far as dealing with them, I can't really say it was pleasant with any of them. Guy at South promised a deal that made me drive allllllll the way down south, just to tell me he can't do it, which obviously annoyed the crap out of me and made me leave after yelling at the guy for wasting my time.

None had the car I was looking for, so finally I decided to go with the lesser of all evils and ordered from Braman. They had a car about to start production that they were able to change. Delivery should be in December.

Let me know how your experience is like!!! And I wish you more luck than I had with these people.