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Just went on their website and they did make that change.

As if it wasn't more confusing before now they made it even worse. The price doesn't change except they automatically throw in a $20 core charge which doesn't make ANY sense for a new JB user that never had S1 before and just want S2.

Also there are 4 wires that S2 has that S1 doesn't. Their upgrade kit includes these wires for the user to modify the S1 harness accept. Now if i'm a first time S2 buyer will they send me the harness with the proper wires installed or will you have to install them yourself??

I see two reasons for this change

1) make an extra $20 off F10 owners with a core charge that doesn't make sense for new buyers (F10 guys gets less features as well)

2) Be able to only stock S1 hardware for the F10 platform and if you want S2 its on the owner to modify the harness themselves

At this point you guys should just order the JB4 S2 through a vendor of his and specify its for a F10. Terry's page always did suck and they made it even worse for the F10 guys. I'm still not convinced that S1 and S2 is any different power wise because all you are adding is two wires into the CAN system and from one of the dynos i see floating around here the hp numbers looks the same as another member with S1. Terry is smart because everytime i ask what the actual difference is between how S1 and S2 functions he just says "better boost control" and thats about it. Never goes into detail and never mentions any hp/tq gains. Even their website shows a S1 dyno but then shows a S2 dyno but with downpipes and meth. Well no shit i would expect gains with dp and meth alone but what about solely between S1 and S2? I can only wish someone who has S1 now and has S2 coming do a before and after dyno so we know for sure. Even better yet open up both the S1 and S2 control box and take a pic between the two.


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