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DIY: Hamann Style Lip installation

Couldn't find a DIY for a HM Style Lip installation on an F10, so decided to make one after asking around for advice.

Tools used:
  • Microfiber towels + Rubbing Alcohol
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Socket Wrench
  • 3M double sided adhesive
  • 8 bolts, 8 nuts,
  • 16 washers, 8 lock-tight washers

1. The lip's holes should perfectly line up with the existing holes of your M-tech bumper. Remove any existing hardware from the bottom of your bumper.

2. Prep the hardware for the install. You'll need 8 bolts with 8 nuts. 4 go in the corners and 4 go in the middle in my setup.

On the sides, I put the bolts from the inside of the bumper facing down and the nut at the bottom. In the inner 4, the bolts went upwards with the nut being on top.

Four bolts on the sides:
Nut <- Lock-tight washer <- Washer <- HM Lip <- Bumper <- Washer <- Bolt

Four bolts on the middle:
Bolt <- Washer <- HM Lip <- Bumper <- Washer <- Lock-tight Washer <- Nut

3. Clean the surface of the lip and the bottom of your bumper with rubbing alcohol and microfiber. Let it dry. Then place the 3M two sided tape on the front and sides of the bumper and peel off the red film. If you make a mistake and need to take it off, roll off the tape (don't pull on it).

4. You'll need two people to make the install easy. Once the tape is peeled off, have a friend hold one side (without pressing it against the bumper so the tape doesn't stick) while you put on the other side. Since the side bolts are hanging from the top, you need to align the holes and let the two bolts come through, then put on the washer, lock-tight washer and finally the nut. Use your finger to press down on the bolt from the top as you initially tighten the nut with your other hand. Repeat this for the other side. Once all four bolts are secured, use the socket wrench to tighten it. I was able to get all four very tight. The lock-tight should prevent them from getting loose easily.

5. For the inside four holes, you need a bolt with a washer to go from the bottom through the holes of the lip and the bumper. Then from the top, reach underneath the car and put a washer and lock-tight washer onto the bolt, then a nut. Secure all four bolts and tighten with your fingers. Then finally put the socket wrench on the nut (there is enough room above the bottom of the bumper to stick on the socket wrench and hold it tight so the nut doesn't turn as you tighten the bolt from the bottom with a screwdriver. Alternatively you can hold the bolt in place with a screwdriver and tighten the nut with the socket wrench. Both worked for me.

7. Finally, clean up and post pictures!

Big thanks to my buddy Jack (@jyerabutar from e46fanatics) who helped with the install.
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