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Originally Posted by shadyville03 View Post
I was talking to my dealer and he told me my car would come with the 351M wheels with summer performance tires and I have to get it in this configuration to increase my top speed to 155MPH. I told him I would order winter tires and have them put on and he said BMW doesn't reccommend changing out run flat tires. Has anyone else ever heard this before? I would much rather order just tires as opposed to wheels and tires.
I'm actually taking mine to the dealer tomorrow. Purchased some wheels, 19s, from modbargins and some winter tires from tirerack. Had the dealer order me the small spare and jack.

Because mine is xdrive, it came with all seasons, on 351s, but after a number of years here in Germany, I'm more comfortable with full winters. When my all seasons wear out, I plan on getting summers. Still undecided whether they'll be RFTs or non-RFTs. After driving non-RFTs this winter, hopefully I'll be able to decide.

Where are you in Germany?