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Originally Posted by shadyville03 View Post
I was talking to my dealer and he told me my car would come with the 351M wheels with summer performance tires and I have to get it in this configuration to increase my top speed to 155MPH. I told him I would order winter tires and have them put on and he said BMW doesn't reccommend changing out run flat tires. Has anyone else ever heard this before? I would much rather order just tires as opposed to wheels and tires.
Do you mean that BMW didn't recommend using non run flat tires? (i.e ordinary tires)

Or that BMW didn't recommend refitting run flat tires on a second set of rims?

If it's the first, i believe that this is official BMW policy.

See this article with an interview with a BMW representative:

When asked if owners could or should swap out their run flats either when a replacement tire is needed or because they’re looking for added performance, Roberts was unequivocal. “We do not recommend replacing run flat tires with conventional tires,” he said, “that deviates away from the original design, safety and suspension calibration technology that the run flats were originally designed for.”