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Originally Posted by rayhwc View Post
Having changed out my Conti rft to Michelin PSS, I fully agree that the difference is Not drastic! I was expecting a massive improvement on my F11 535i but was underwhelmed. Pss is indeed more comfy and handles a little better without crashing thru highway joints, but still as noisy/quiet as the Contis. No ideas about ultimate grip as I never ventured near the limits on either tyre. The reason for changing was I got a flat that could not be repaired and there were no replacement rfts available. Therefore, relying on the reports of massive improvements on non rfts, I chose to change all 4. In hindsight , I should have just changed 2 until the rest of the rfts wear out then change the other 2 to non rft. The PSS is cheaper, more comfy and more refined than the Contis but not that much better as to warrant a change before the Contis wear out.
Before I get to my point/question, a little history... I'm currently in a 2013 535i xdrive, before this was a 2010 535i which I didn't touch the tires at all (oddly enough), BUT before that was a 2008 335 which originally came with Conti SSR runflats (on 17"). I put several different non-RFT tires on that car...

In the 335 when I went from RFT to (ultimately) Michelin Pilot Sports, it too was not "drastic" difference in most daily driving situations, even back then. Only when I got near limits was the handling difference marked... however, what WAS quite different on that car was that the Conti RFT's had this grinding low "whirr" that you could hear and feel throughout the entire car. None of the non-RFT options I tried had that same droning grind.

Now, interestingly, these stock 19" Goodyear LS2 rft's on my F10 have the same "grindy" feel, though WAAAAAAAaaaay more muted than the 335 (given the nature of the 2 cars), which the e60 also did NOT have (and it did not have rft's).

I'm getting ready to ditch these RFTs for something less expensive, more durable, better performing... but I'm wondering if others have noted that same "grindy" feeling of RFTs on their F10's and if they've smoothed it out in their non-rfts?