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Originally Posted by Boulder Bill View Post
So if I want a more robust or stiffer ride, go with the M suspension. If I want to wallow, but be able to adjust my wallow, go with DDC?

Opinion in the UK has been the passive M-sport is a similar ride stiffness to the sport setting in the Adaptive Drive package (DDC & ARS). But it will be different as AD is a more refined quality, than a passive system.

I've not had a chance to try the passive M-sport, (just standard passive systems), went straight for the AD package, as I wanted a more refined quality, the variable settings and a normal 'mid range' for most of my driving on poor quality surfaces.

My own view, it is the ARS part that gives the car the finer control, far better than a passive ARB (sway bar), as it works even with a softer damping setting, corners flat and very controlled.

F10/11 M-sport stiffness is a softer setting than the E60/61 anyway, hence why some have changed the springs to get a stiffer ride than F10 stock, passive or active suspension. So we have to be careful on whether comparisons are all F10, or is there an E60 influence.

I don't find my car wallows at all, even in normal mode, certainly stiffens up in sport, but I drive most of the time in normal, for the blend of suspension qualities. Will depend on what we define as wallow, some want 'rock hard' suspension, so anything else gets classified as wallow.