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Originally Posted by JimmyD View Post
What spare tire??? Also does the stock setup fit perfect, or passenger side muffler too close to anything underneath, how do you like the sound, your video is really too short to really tell. What size tips are those? is it the race and 90mm setup?
There is a spare tire well under the rear trunk of the car. Kind of perplexed me since the cars both Xi and RWD come with run flats. Body shop and my tuner said that the sub floor with the rear well have electronics and other things in there which would have to be moved IF I had them cut into it to move give the Eisenmann the lateral room needed. Stock set up fits perfectly. No major mods needed. The passenger side of things is what is limited as that wheel well is offset to the passanger side under the rear. If you look at my pics you'll see that IF BMW had centered this well then you'd have plenty of work space to shift ANY exhaust underneath the car either right or left as needed.
Originally Posted by mrainv23 View Post
I love my eisenmann race set up. My install was about 1.5 hours. The sound really breaks in at about 3-4 weeks. Drone can be annoying sometimes but compared to stock 550 set up totally worth it. I would not want anything louder. Race is the way to go. Still classy but just loud enough when you get on it. The best is the sound of a cold start. Enjoy!
My exhaust is an Eisenmann Race set up with Quad 90mm tips. Have only had it on the car since Wed so can't really comment much on the exhaust other than to say it is a 100% improvement on stock 550i exhaust. No drone noted yest at all so far. Stock the car is so quiet that you might as well be driving a Lexus or 528i or something. Just has no presence IMHO for it being a v8 and de-tuned version of the M5 S63 engine you'd think somewhere someone had pulled a switch on you otherwise..the N63 is just so quiet. Unlike the previous e60 550i's I have seen/heard. Will let you know how it turns out over the next few weeks but as of now I look forward to starting the car and find excuses to drive extra places over the last 48hrs! LOL
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