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Originally Posted by obr2d2 View Post
So I am confused by the situation I find myself in. I have the specification listed above and have read and appreciate all your replies.

But still no Album Art. The dealer has told me the he beleives the following:

1. The only Snap-In that displays Album Art is the media snap-in
2. I cannot use this in my car as I dont have 6NF BMW Apps option
3. I can use the Y cable but this means that I dont then use a Snap-In
4. If I use the Y cable then I lose the ability to use the car's antennae for my telephone aeria.

So I would like to ask whether this set of statements is borne out by your experiences.

When I specced the car for my wife I thought that the snap-in was the right way to go. I didn't realise the full implications of not choosing BMW Apps -I didn't care for Twitter Facebook or Web radio. Now it seems that unless I selected this option I would'nt be able to play back video from my phone or display Album art either using a snap-in.

Can anyone confirm the dealer's position?

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From my experience:
1. Haven't tried any cradle yet, maybe he is right in saying that only the media cradle works. However, album art works over the Apple cable and over bluetooth connection;
2. Wrong, not related at all. You can see album art without having BMW Apps;
3. If you use the Y-cable you won't see album art;
4. Correct.

Have you tried using an iPod instead of the iPhone? If I use my iPod I see the album art 100% of the time for all the songs that I play. On the other hand, if I use the iPhone, most of the time I won't see the album art because of the dreaded iCloud "missing album art" problems that Apple still hasn't been able to iron out. I have recently decided to turn off iTunes Match and sync my iPhone's music the old-fashioned way to go around this problem.

I would recommend you try the Apple white cable to check whether the problem is in the car spec or in the snap-inů