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Question Manual transmission owners: Does your shift knob rotate ?

Yeah, I know, it's a strange question, but here's the deal: I've owned my 2012 535i with M-Sport package for 8 months now, and I love it. Over the Thanksgiving Holiday, I let my younger brother drive it, and he thought it was fantastic, EXCEPT he hated how the shift knob could be rotated about 45 degrees both clockwise and counterclockwise. I had NEVER noticed this, and can't imagine why he or anyone would decide to rotate the knob, but it certainly does rotate. He asked my BMW dealer (San Diego BMW), who confirmed that it should not rotate. My brother currently owns a nice collection of older, manual transmission cars, including a 1978 Ferrari 308, Porsche 914, Porsche 911, 1971 Corvette, and even a stick shift DeLorean (!), and he swears that none of those cars' shift knobs rotate. So before I bring this up with my Service Adviser when I'm in for a visit, I thought I'd check on 5Post. So, if you own an F10 5-series with a manual transmission, can you please check to see if the shift knob rotates and report back ? THANKS !

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