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Yes, I did lose the BMW Assist, but I never used it. However, I use Pandora and such on my phone nearly every time I'm in the car and I really like the BMW apps interface. Can't say I've ever used the twitter or Facebook stuff, other than when I first installed it, just to give it a try. I do find it kind of annoying that you can't sleep the phone when the apps are connected, or it disconnects the link, since you can stream pandora in the background generally just fine. It also annoys me that you have to manually launch the right app to provide the feature you want (BMW apps for FB/Twitter/etc, Pandora app for Pandora, etc). I would have to say that even with all of that, and losing the BMW Assist, I'm still happy to have done it. One other thing to note, I've now upgraded to the iPhone 5, and since the 30pin connector is no more, iPod Out (the special phone driven UI not iPod functionality) and video playing probably don't work anymore. I haven't explicitly tested this with the 30pin to Lightning adaptor, but I don't believe it's supposed to work.