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ok so... picked the car up today! - its awesome! love it. Just 15,000 miles on it so it feels brand new!

Ipod didn't go so well though - i managed to persuade the dealer to throw in the 'y' cable - but none of my iPods (ancient mini, 60Gb classic or even 2012 iPod touch) will connect. Nor do the first gen iphone or an iphone 3gs (my new iphone5 uses a different connector)

When you plug them in the "external devices" bit says "reading" for a few seconds, and then it just says "not supported". dead annoying!

any ideas?

The USB port works as it will read a USB memory stick with some folders and songs in, but nothing on the ipod front. I really want this to work - i love listening to audiobooks on the move with my ipod / iPhone