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iDrive Crashed & Rebooted today

Today my iDrive crashed and rebooted after failing to play Pandora audio. Anyone else seen this?

Full Details:
2012 F10 and iPhone 5, running latest versions of all software, including latest from BMW update. Connected iPhone 5 via USB cable. Launched Pandora and could control channel via the iDrive interface as expected, but the audio only came from the iPhone speaker, not through the car speakers.

I unplugged the phone and plugged it back in several times, waiting several seconds each step. The iDrive display correctly allowed control of Pandora. The iPhone screen correctly showed the BMW connection. But the sound only came from the iPhone speaker.

Finally I gave up and started listing to XM Radio. About five minutes later and while I was driving, the iDrive screen went blank, all sound stopped, and the iDrive rebooted itself.
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