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Originally Posted by Bmrmeup View Post
Big mistake! Tire insurance is a MUST in my book if you live in the Northeast because of the pothole problem. BMW has replaced about 10 tires for me (no lie) with no questions asked. I have a 2011 535 xi, 19 in wheels. The Goodyears are terrible. I got a BIG bubble in my tire on the way to Charlotte NC. They did not have any LS 2 Goodyears available so I got a set of Bridgestone Potenza's. They are more durable than the Goodyears but they are a "summer tire". Only time will tell with that...You will NOT be able to purchase tire insurance from BMW after the sale is completed....New tire is about $400-$450...
You can get 245/40R19 GoodYear LS 2 RFT from TireRack for under $400. Currently $385 + shipping.

And, I wouldn't necessarily say "Big Mistake", I'd say more like "unfortunate, but completely understandable, missed opportunity".

Personally, I'm in the same boat, but insurance was quoted to me around $1800 I think, and I had no idea the level of problem that folks are facing on these F10's in regard to tires. I just came off a 2010 E60 535, and never once had to so much as think about my tires/wheels, for any reason whatsoever (beyond just topping off air pressure), so it didn't even occur to me to think about it on this F10. (Different story for my E90 335 before it, but I didn't realize BMW was extending its same mistakes to the 5 series in that regard... kind of sickening, actually, when I realized 2 days after I got the car home ). I imaging there are plenty in this boat.

And to the OP: I don't think a split on the outside of the sidewall would be considered a manufacturing defect. I think Goodyear issued the discounts for bubbles due to some notion that they had a manufacturing issue, didn't they? Or was it part of some inherent warranty? Even if it was in-built road hazard warranty, I heard they recently changed their policy in that regard, and that they weren't warranting such damage from the factory any more. But I don't know for certain... just saw it on a forum or 2.