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Originally Posted by martin mustang
I used my wide X3 for a week, and found that the standard speakers in her car are far better than the one on my F10, both cars are 2011 and with standard systems, could this ne down to the cabin space in the X3 makes the speakers far more effective I wonder, I even carried over the same music to make sure the difference was not down to mp3 format and all.

hence I am considering upgrading my speakers, any of you folks tried this? any suggestions.
My wife got a stock 2013 x1 with standard hifi. I was blown away by the good sound quality.

Why is it better than a sedan? It all has to do with the market. The competitors to the x3 and x1 have good stock basic sound systems.

So, BMW had to beef it up in this area. The sedans, however, are known for crappy base sound systems and this is because the sedan's competition has crappy base sound systems too.

Finally, the real problem is generally not the speakers. Rather, it is the quality of the power amp and to some extent the preamp. It takes a near miracle of engineering to make a good power amp that is powered by 12 volts. And this is where most of the expense goes in the premium sound systems. Plus, BMW has lots of channels. You would be amazed how much extra channels add to the cost.