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The engines are still entirely handmounted so yes, i understand a human error is always possible.
It just reminds me of the problems I had with my 320d touring that I had before the e92 335d Coupé. After picking that up from the dealer I had to return it at least 8 times during a period of several months because of a alarm problem (alarm went off not always but often exactly 13min after locking). Only near the end, other owners started to report also the same problem and they were able to localise the problem (that production week had several bad alarm units in all kinds of models). But at the time I was going crazy from one substitute car to another, and it being my first bmw, that was not cool. I just don't want this to go the same way... But you are right also, let's wait and see what they find monday, maybe next week it will run flawlessly again and if so... I'll probable keep it ;-)

I'm not sure what exactly a webasto is or how to recognize it... ;-)
If you are referring to the additional engine and interior heating option, then no, I don't have it I guess