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Thank God! I guess you're victim of the famous bathtub phenomenon. At the sart of a machine's life, the chance for failure is bigger since it's new, just like at the end of its life since it's worn.

The bimmer is composed of some trillion different peaces that all have to fit together perfectly. Even when their assembly processes are 99,999999% capable, once in a while they slip one and then this happens. Seen the complexity of the car, it's almost a miracle this doesn't happen more often actually.

Anyway, there is no "memory" in this phenomenon. Many owners do think that there is causality at play and lose their faith in the vehicle. But it's just like playing on a lottery. It's not because you already won one, your chances for a next win decrease, neither because you never won one that your chances increase of winning one. Every event is independent.

In short: this problem should indeed NOT compromise your thrust in the car in any possible way. Although chances are real that when a warning on your dash starts to signal, that you'll say: "I knew this car was crap back then at the start already!"...

I'am a bit sad though, you won't consider swapping it for my 520d... it's perfectly fine!