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Originally Posted by ImSW1 View Post
More than likely it's the same or similar logic being used as before. I have seen plenty of new roads added to the maps in my area, but it still routes the same as it always has. For the $50 odd upgrade cost, it was worth it to me to put in the addresses in newer housing areas and have the address come up. It may not route me the best way everytime, but it sure beats pulling out a map.

Disclaimer: maps is better, but I don't want to use my phone when I have a Nav system in my car. I'm also not usually in a rush to get anywhere, so the scenic route doesn't bother me as much.

Originally Posted by BigKutta View Post
I got the same email. I have an 11/11 built 528 and I cant imagine this upgrade will have hundreds of thousands of miles of new roads (well maybe in CHina). Based on my past experience with MB, upgrades dont really add a whole lot of value to be worth it. And the algorithms stay exactly the same
Thanks. I guess I'll pass on the upgrade.